Top Ten Tips – Preparation for a Presentation

ImageWhen preparing for a presentation there are some golden rules that you can follow to make your presentation more interesting, therefore more memorable and thus make you seem all the more professional to your audience.

Presenting business topics can be potentially difficult to make interesting, but follow the tips below and you give yourself every opportunity to get and hold your audience’s attention, so they retain your messages and enjoy your presentation all the more

  1. Begin with something thought-provoking. Offer up a surprising insight into the subject, or adopt a new position on the subject just to make the audience think.
  2. Minimise your intro. They don’t need or want to know everything about you, or your firm, or why you are the speaker – this will just bore them. Have an introduction which is one or two sentences long at most.
  3. Short and sweet. Remember how many presentations you’ve had to endure that just went on and on, well make sure you don’t fall into the same trap – make it half as long as you originally thought it should be.
  4. Facts are friendly. Avoid generalities as they suggest your thinking is also “fluffy”. Make your case a mixture of factual evidences and proofs that show your ability. Stories that highlight your experience in specific circumstances can be memorable and dramatic.
  5. Be relevant. Your audience will only pay attention to stories, ideas and facts which are immediately relevant.
  6. Use straightforward backgrounds. When you use slides or other visual aides keep them simple so they don’t distract or confuse the audience.
  7. Use large, easy to read fonts. Make it easy for the audience to read the slides, to understand the messages. Avoid bold, italics and ALL-CAPS
  8. Keep graphics simple. Overcomplicated graphics, drawings or tables turn people off. Keep them simple and highlight the specific areas you want the audience to focus on.
  9. Less is more. You want the audience to remember your message so stick to the really key messages which you want them to take in. Repeat these several times to increase their retention levels.
  10. Build your story. Presentations can be boring when they only contain facts with little or no context. Setting them within a story provides this and makes the facts more memorable.

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