Tell me “whats in it for me?”

Set the theme for your presentation as the first thing you do. It will focus you and the audience, they are more likely to receive your message – very simple really!

The theme is the overarching message that you want to deliver, it is the point you are there presenting. All successful presentations have well-developed themes.

The theme informs the content – the stories, evidences and proofs that are the body of the presentation.

When presenting state the theme to your audience early, and repeat it several times throughout, to make sure they get it and remember it.  Make the theme simple, straightforward and relevant to the audience. If you don’t do this you make it hard work for the audience to work out what your presentation is all about, and this is very likely to turn them off and then they don’t watch or listen, or they may reach the wrong conclusions.

State the theme at the end of the presentation too, phrased in such a way that they know you are at the end of the presentation.

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